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Residential Cleaning


Although not all inclusive, the links below provide an idea of what I will provide in the areas listed. This is a just a list of the basic rooms in your house. Any additional rooms (i.e. - playroom, laundry room, guest room, etc.) will be included in the cleaning.

 Kitchen & Dining Room     •     Living Room & Bedrooms     •     Bathrooms
  • All window sills will be cleaned - so long as windows are NOT blocked.
  • All trash cans will be emptied.
  • All doorknobs and light plates will be disinfected.
  • Baseboards will be cleaned unless there’s a heavy piece of furniture blocking the area.
I promise to leave your house smelling fresh and clean!  If there are any specific areas that you want special attention paid, just let me know.  Keep in mind - major appliances require more work and cleaning; therefore, I may charge an extra fee for these. This includes: OVEN, REFRIGERATOR (FEE $10.00)

I do not charge by the hour nor do I believe in charging outrageous prices. I have set rates and I will usually spend anywhere from 3-5 hours cleaning your home, depending on how much cleaning is involved.In addition, we offer move-in and move-out cleaning services. Contact us today - we can customize a cleaning to suit your needs!